Megan Zeni

Megan Zeni is a teacher in nature and a tireless outdoor play advocate. She is a whole systems thinker who offers mentorship and leadership with pedagogical applications of outdoor play and learning in the elementary school context. Megan also offers professional learning for educators who locate their curriculum in school gardens and outdoor classrooms.

Play Advocate, Play Researcher, Play Practitioner

I’m a vocal advocate for unstructured nature play in our schools and an experienced practitioner of loose parts play outdoors. With over 25 years of professional experience teaching in urban public elementary schools, I see the benefits of increasing equitable access to outdoor play and learning during the school day as essential work for educators going forward. I currently teach outdoors (part time) at my children’s local K-7 public school and piloted a re-think of how we allocate prep time in our school.  

I am also a qualified master gardener with hundreds of stories to share that amplify how just about all elementary curricular content can be taught in a school garden. I am concurrently working towards a PhD at UBC in the faculty of education in curriculum and pedagogy. Follow along on my journey by signing up for my newsletter or following me on social media at @roomtoplay.

Megan's work

Room to Play Consulting

Megan offers workshops, teacher professional development, and district consulting on school gardens, outdoor classrooms and pedagogies of play in the elementary school context. She is an experienced keynote speaker and research collaborator. 

School Garden Workshops

The Classroom Gardener

Megan is the teacher consultant supporting practical and theoretical applications of The Classroom Gardener program. If your organization, district, or school would like help starting or expanding learning gardens, contact Megan for program participation details. 

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