Grant Value: $2000

Canadian Tire Sponsorships

Available to: Non-profit organizations

Grant Window: Ongoing

Grant Value: Contact your local store for details

President’s Choice School Nutrition Grants

Available to: school based student nutrition programs operating a breakfast and/ or lunch program

Grant Window: check back in early spring 2019

Grant Value: unknown

Rick Hansen Foundation

Available to: schools wanting to improve the accessibility of their parks and playgrounds

Grant Window: Round One: February 1, 2018 Round Two: July 1, 2018 Round Three: December 1, 2018

Grant Value: Up to $20,000

Evergreen School Garden Grants

Available to: public schools

Grant Window: Grants not available for 2018

Grant value: $3500

Healthy Schools BC

Available to: public & independent schools

Grant window: Grants not available for 2018

Grant value: $750

CoOp Community Spaces Program

Available to: public schools & non-profit organizations

Grant window: unclear if grant will be available in 2018

Grant value: Up to 1.5 million

Tree Canada: Greening Canada’s School Grounds

Available to: public & independent schools

Grant window: closed for 2018- new focus on wildfire restoration

Grant value: $3,000

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