What is Room to Play?

Room to Play is a philosophy of nature-inspired design, parenting, teaching, and gardening! I offer a wide range of research-backed consulting servicesfor organizations, parents, teachers, and school districts.

I value the thoughtful preparation of space for children’s play and learning, and am a skilled whole systems thinker. I can provide vision, conceptual thinking, and strategic advice on projects in all stages of development.  My inspiration comes from Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, Forest School, and Nature school pedagogy. I advocate for unstructured, and sometimes risky, nature play in children’s lives.

I am a frequent speaker on the value of play in children’s lives. If you would like to follow along with my thinking and learning, sign up for my newsletter!  If we are not already friends on social media, come hang out with me on Pinterest, FB, Twitter and Instagram.

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