How to Declutter The Home When You Have Kids

how to declutter when you have kids

There are thousands of articles and accompanying research that explain the psychology of clutter and how to declutter. In all my years of working in schools and homes that are bursting with the stuff kids collect I can boil it down to one simple rule on how to declutter the home when you have kids. […]

10 Easy Ideas For Lego Storage

The thing about Lego storage is that it has to be practical if you want to have the bits put away once in awhile. I see Lego organization ideas all the time that look cute or fun on Pinterest, but are simply impractical for actually playing with the blocks in real life. Here are 10 […]

Top Tips to De-clutter a Playroom

The reality of urban living, especially in expensive cities like Vancouver, is that we often don’t have vast and unfinished basements to banish unwanted toys from our sight lines.  And after any holiday season, our homes are often drowning in unnecessary clutter. If you are sharing living and play spaces with your children, here are […]

5 Quick Tips for Organizing Your Child’s Bedroom

Organize child's bedroom.

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to go through and do a quick purge of your children’s bedrooms! Change over and store the seasonal clothing while you do a quick sort of existing toys to make room for the inevitable influx of new toys and playthings that tend to arrive in the coming […]

How to Organize a Homework Station

Organizing Homework Station

A shift has happened in our house. The kids are growing and their interests are changing. For many years, we got by with a simple toddler table with lots of arts and craft supplies nearby. Organization is an ever-evolving beast. What works for months or years, suddenly doesn’t anymore; for no particular reason and sometimes […]

Kid Clutter is Visual Noise

Have you ever had to do something that required your undivided attention while the music was blaring, the TV was on, or a room full of people were laughing and shouting all around you? Then you know how it feels to be overwhelmed by noise. And kid clutter is visual noise. But how do you […]

How to Organize a Child’s Bedroom

How to organize a kid's bedroom.

There is no shortcut on how to organize a child’s bedroom! The reality is, once you’ve committed to creating an organized bedroom for your kids you are in for a few days (or more) of intense sorting, purging, decision-making, storage assessment, shopping, and finally installing. It’s an exhausting process and sometime in the middle of […]

How to Organize Seasonal Clothing

Organize Seasonal Clothing With the changing of the seasons comes the bitter-sweet task of putting away all those sandals and sun hats and digging out all the boots and winter coats. The rotation of organizing seasonal clothing never seems to end and, with multiple children, the chore is compounded with storage for clothing to be worn in future years […]

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