Dr. Stuart Brown: Why Play is More than Just Fun

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Stuart Brown then you are in for a treat when you read his book, Play. In this book, Brown explains why play is essential to strong socially developed citizens. As a proponent for play, Dr. Brown researches both animal and human play behaviours and has found a strong correlation between successful adults and a playful case history.

Watch his Ted talk here to learn more about the benefits of play:

Dr. Brown reveals his definition of play as an apparently purposeless activity that is fun to do and pleasurable. He calls play the brain’s best form of exercise and suggests that evolution has preserved play for a greater purpose than just fun.

At the national insitute for play, researchers have found that play produces a sense of belonging and community. Dr. Brown has found that empathy, flexibility, light-heartedness, optimism and a hope for the future are the by-products of play experiences in childhood. How great is that?

I highly recommend you order Stuart Brown’s book,  if you are just learning about the importance of play in childhood, or well into your journey! It is an inspiring read that will both motivate and reinforce your instincts as a parent and teacher! And here are more suggestions if you love learning about play!

Stuart Brown

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