Playful Learning Outdoors

Playful learning outdoors is not only possible in your outdoor classroom, it is necessary! Inspire students to work collaboratively on outdoor garden projects like music walls, dinosaur gardens, mud kitchens and playful literacy through the use of shadow puppets and loose parts.

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Our fairy nature wings were dreamed up with a group of students who love playing in the fairy garden, but needed some reminders to remain

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So this is new to me! For a class on action research with Dr. Cynthia Nicol, I’ve been asked to think about how I might

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Fall is the perfect time to reflect on the growing season and have children work with the bounty of the garden and school-yard! Nature crafts

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If you’ve read my post on bored kids you know that academic learning can be lost over the long summer months and that it often

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How Seeds Travel

Learning about seeds is an accessible and fascinating starting point for any school garden inquiry. Gardens depend on seeds, and learning how seeds travel can deepen a child’s understanding and

Playful Learning With Dandelions

Dandelions are a sure sign of spring and an early source of pollen in our Spring gardens. Often considered weeds by gardeners, dandelions offer a multitude of learning opportunities with

How to grow potatoes with kids

One of the most challenging aspects of growing food in school gardens is choosing crops that can reliably be harvested within the school year. Potatoes are a great school garden

This is your child’s brain on play!

If you’ve ever wondered how play helps your child’s brain development, then watch this! In all the noise of social media, once in a while a great and simple pleasure