Playful learning outdoors in May during Covid-19

To support the families and teachers we work with in the outdoor classroom, we’ve put together this list of ideas for playful learning outdoors in May during Covid-19.  You can download a PDF version for Playful learning outdoors in May during Covid-19 here: Playful learning outdoors FI-converted

Our outdoor play ideas are specific to our context of teaching within the specific westcoast climate of Canada. Teachers and families from colder Canadian climates might also find the ideas we shared for the month of April helpful as Spring emerges in your locality. Here is a link to the April outdoor play ideas.

Links are not working in the embedded images, but can be found intact in the downloadable version, or under each section. Remember how important it is to get outside everyday, and be sure to follow the guidelines recommended by your own provincial health officer. This post is in compliance as of May 1, 2020. Please do not gather in groups, or with friends from outside your household.

Links in the May playful learning outdoors calendar:

Here is a lesson on how to map a soundscape.

Click here for excellent examples of labelling plants with chalk.

Here is a lesson plan for how to draw like a scientist.

Here is a video on how rainbows are formed.

Here is a lesson for an experiment and inquiry on what seeds need to grow.

Looking Closely in the Forest- Listen to this story read aloud.

Playful learning with dandelions.

Mud painting ideas and a read aloud to inspire you!

Jump rope inspiration video.

Not a stick read- Listen to this story read aloud.

How to play wall ball.

Printable bug scavenger hunt.

We are thinking of you all! Do your best to get outside everyday, no matter the weather, and think about ways to play that use your imagination. We miss you all, stay safe and healthy everyone!

Mrs. Regan & Mrs. Zeni

Find more ideas for playful learning outdoors on Pinterest here:


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