Playful Learning Outdoors in June

To support our colleagues returning to on-site instruction in June, we’ve put together this list of ideas for playful learning outdoors in June. You can download a PDF version here: Playful learning outdoors in June

Our outdoor play ideas this month are place-specific to our school-yard, and nearby outdoor learning spaces. We have been advised that a focus on social and emotional learning is preferable this last month of school and that being outside is recommended as much as possible. With that in mind, we have selected a range of learning opportunities that consider our core competencies, physical activity, and SEL for your consideration. You may notice the activities at the beginning of the document focus more on instructional routines that are helpful if you are new to teaching outside of the classroom.

playful learning outdoors in June

Links are not working in the embedded images, but can be found intact in the downloadable version, or under each section. Remember how important it is to get outside everyday, and be sure to follow the guidelines recommended by your own school specific guidelines. This post is in compliance as of June 1, 2020. Please do not gather in large groups with other classes.

Playful learning outdoors in June links:

Sit Spots and sit spots at home

Nature Journal ideas and more from Project learning tree

Learn about bumblebees

Listening walk read aloud and lesson plan and silent walk lesson plan

Walk to the river and walking field trip ideas

Urban scavenger hunt

Fractals in nature

Drama games outside

Wind play ideas

Shadow puppets outdoors

playful learning outdoors in June

More links:

Wild math curriculum and Math outdoors on Pinterest

Bug hotels and lesson

Grade specific PHE games to play outdoors

Tree identification website

Nature BINGO

Story Stones

Snakes and ladders outdoors and giant dice

Invasive species video and lessons with resources

Math outdoors ideas

Bird watching

Be well everyone! If you are looking for more ideas for playful learning outdoors in June, Pinterest is full of curated ideas for teaching outside the classroom all year!


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