The Benefits of Play

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret sauce is for parenting high performing and likeable kids, you might want to learn more about the science of play. In a nutshell, the “Science of Play” is the collected wisdom and data about the benefits of play for kids and how it positively impacts their social, emotional, physical […]

This is your child’s brain on play

If you’ve ever wondered how play helps your child’s brain development, then watch the video below. In all the noise of social media, once in a while a great and simple pleasure to watch comes to my attention with a message that I couldn’t have said better myself! Thanks to the Lego Foundation for sharing […]

Making Play a Priority

“Play is the work of the child,” wrote Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago. Most everything that a child needs for healthy development – a healthy & strong body, physical confidence, social & emotional stability, self-regulation, stress management, empathy and turn taking happen while children are at play. But making play a priority isn’t […]

Dr. Stuart Brown: Why Play is More than Just Fun

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Stuart Brown then you are in for a treat when you read his book, Play. In this book, Brown explains why play is essential to strong socially developed citizens. As a proponent for play, Dr. Brown researches both animal and human play behaviours and has found a strong correlation between […]

Carol Dweck On How Praise Impacts Learning

As we move towards report card season, you might find it helpful to watch this video clip on mindset and how academically beneficial or discouraging praise can be. In this clip, Carol Dweck effectively communicates how praise impacts learning and the importance of praising effort in children as they go through the sometimes challenging processes of […]

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