BC Science Teachers’ Catalyst Conference

It can all be taught outside: Teaching the K-7 science big ideas, core & curricular competencies in your outdoor and garden classrooms

Session description 

Participants will be introduced to hands-on, interactive, and joyful ways of naturally engaging children in scientific thinking outdoors. Leave with specific strategies for engaging students in cross-curricular inquiries that can be found in your school yard, garden, and community. This session will share stories of joyful learning, with examples of how we might spark scientific wonder and curiosity in whatever outdoor space you have available. Participants will learn how to weave an emergent curriculum with play, place, and land in the outdoor classroom.

Thank you to everyone who joined in this morning despite the platform’s technical challenges that complicated our start time. Below I have linked resources and blog posts that might be helpful for you as you transition to teaching your science outdoors. 

Blog posts you may find helpful

Anchor texts for introducing loose parts play outdoors

Anchor texts for observing seasonal change

Vocabulary vases

Ice art outdoors

Shadow play outdoors

Water cycle inquiry outdoors

Best books about rain

Pumpkin STEM ideas

Anchor texts for learning about pumpkin life cycles

How to grow pumpkins with kids

How to grow a butterfly garden

The Tomatosphere project

How to build a bug hotel

What is risky play (link to all supporting organizations listed in this post)

Outdoor Learning Store (field guides & magnifying lenses)

Magnifying sheets

Montessori Outlet Botany Materials

Sit spots as a core routine in outdoor learning

Link to The Conversation article for distribution to district leaders

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