Command Games for Classroom Management

Command games are a playful way for teachers to position themselves as an authority figure with large groups of children who may be reluctant to take direction from adults.

Command games can also be useful for teachers to practice giving loud, concise orders. Command games can be simple or complex, played indoors or outdoors, but the overall goal is to practice orienting children to your voice commands so you have some assurance they will comply with recall routines and follow your instructions in less formal learning environments, like an outdoor classroom.

Examples of Command Games

Ship To Shore

This command game can be modified and co-created with your learners. Check out this example.

Go Go Stop

This command game can use a voice or whistle or combination. A good game for training children to freeze at your command if you teach in an area with any wildlife hazards. Here is an example of a class learning how to play:

Marco Jumpo

A call and response version of the popular swimming pool game:

What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

This command game can be led by a student, but I recommend the teacher play the wolf to start if you are still orienting children to your voice commands.

The Reaction Game

This command game is played the style of Simon Says:

Streets and Alleys

This command game is more complex and requires cooperation from all players:

There are hundreds of command games to play with your learners! Have fun and let me know if you have a favourite that is not listed here!


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