Comox Valley School Garden Series

Session Six: September 27, 2022

Thanks to everyone who joined me through this series! What a pleasure it has been to learn alongside you all. I hope we can learn together in person sometime soon. If you want to watch the recording of our last session, you can view it here.

Blog posts you might find helpful include:

School Garden Weed Resources

School Garden Soil Resources

Pumpkin Life Cycle Books and Decomposition Inquiries

How to plant garlic

Water Cycle Inquiry

Best Books about Rain

Remembrance Day in the Garden

Resources you might find useful include:

Invasive species council of BC

Life Underground: Soil Inquiry Kit

Session Five: August 30, 2022

Aaaand…. we are back! Great to see everyone who made it to today’s session to hear me talk about my favourite topic: Loose parts and risky play outdoors! If you missed the session, you can view the recording here. I forgot to start the recording, so you can join us about 20 minutes into the session. If you have questions, feel free to email me for clarity!

Blog posts you might find helpful include:

What is Risky Play (resources shared at the end are found this post)

Risky Play with Tools

Risky Play with Height

Risky Play in the Fog

How to Build a Mud Kitchen

How to Grow a Dinosaur Garden

How to Build a Fairy Garden

Best Books for Introducing Loose Parts Play

Upcoming Pro D you might want to attend

The Garden Classroom Series: FREE for teachers and held once a month online. Register via Van Dusen Gardens

This year’s C2C and EEPSA conference in Revelstoke! October 22-23, 2022

Join us for the launch of our new school garden kit on SOIL! September 20, 2022

Session Four: June 7, 2022

Happy June everyone! If you missed today’s session you can view the recording here.

Blog posts mentioned that may be helpful include:

How to grow garlic (read about how to harvest garlic scapes in this post)

Resources mentioned:

Looking Closely Kit available at the Outdoor Learning Store

Session Three: May 17, 2022

I forgot to record our session today! If you missed today and want to catch up, be sure to reach out to a colleague that attended. My apologies!

Blog posts that were mentioned today that may be helpful include:

School garden soil resources

How to grow pumpkins

How to build a bug hotel

How to grow a butterfly garden

Resources you may find helpful:

Linda Gilkenson’s website (so many good photos of garden pests)

Session Two: April 26, 2022

Here we go! So glad to hear your success stories and work through challenges building your garden committees. Anyone who missed this session can view the recording here. You’ll need the password provided by Serina. Please contact her if you do not have it.

Blog posts mentioned today that may be helpful for you:

Teaching prep outdoors

School garden weed resources

Shadow puppets

Story Stones

Playful story play outdoors

Learning with dandelions

Remembrance day in the garden

Session One: April 5, 2022

Hello school gardeners!

Thanks for joining me in this almost all together series 😉 One day I’ll get to join you in Comox! Anyone registered in the series can view the recording here. You’ll need the password provided by Serina. Please contact her if you do not have it.

Blog posts mentioned today that may be helpful to you:

Transition to teaching outdoors

How to make a paper seed pot

Growing peas with kids

Growing broad beans with kids

Growing kale with kids

Growing carrots with kids

Growing rhubarb with kids

Growing potatoes with kids

School Garden soil resources

School Garden weed resources

School Garden grants

Resources you ay find useful:

BC Farm to School Crop planning resources

Westcoast Seeds Regional Planting Charts

Invasive species council of BC

Outdoor Learning Store (link to field guides)

Westcoast Seeds donations for schools link

Our next session is scheduled for April 26! Check in with Serina for location details. See you in the garden, Megan.

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