10+ Fun & Easy 100th Day of School Project Ideas

100th day project ideas

Are you looking for Easy 100th day of school project ideas? In your hustle to get the project done, don’t forget the whole point of celebrating the 100th day of school is to improve numeracy skills beyond two digits to include three digit numbers.

Depending on the grade level, teachers also strive to increase a child’s ability to name, recognize and sequence numbers to 100.

Understanding that zero has place value, and beginning to understand that numbers can be organized in sets for skip counting are also skills that are embedded in 100th day celebrations. So keep that in mind as you choose a project to celebrate the 100th day of school.

If you want to reinforce the skills being taught, aim for projects that group sets of numbers in fives, tens, or other ‘friendly’ numbers!

As the parents of 3 kids, our household has finally outgrown the 100th day of school project. Despite having taught in schools for over 20 years, and having scoured the internet for project ideas, the day always seems to sneak up on me and we end up throwing together a half-hearted, last minute project, with whatever we have in the house.

To save you from going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest searches, here are my top ideas for fun and easy projects that your kids can put together with minimal adult support and with supplies you may have around the house already.

1. Quick and Easy 100th Day Trail Mix Project

Thinking in groups of ten, with an overall theme, will help you put something together at the last minute. We’ve done the ziplock bag of trail mix more than once, because it is easy, eco-friendly, and the kids can eat the whole project for snack!

You can make your own “recipe” based on whatever you have in your pantry. Here’s what ours usually includes:

100th day project ideas
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10 dry cereal (cheerios, shreddies…)

10 granola clusters

10 pretzels

10 fish crackers

10 seeds (pumpkin, sunflower…)

10 smarties or mini marshmallows

10 popcorn

10 cheese cubes

10 dried fruit (cranberries, banana chips, mango…)

10 coconut flakes or chocolate chips

2. Crafty DIY 100th Day Project Ideas

Some families are craftier than others. I fall firmly in the “I’ll get you the supplies, but you are on your own” style of parenting. I take no credit for these projects I’ve photographed from my children’s classmates! They are all amazing, but will require some adult support and art direction from an adult.

Alice, the 100 eyed monster is my favourite project ever! This is obviously a family who put a great deal of time and energy into their project, but the results are pretty spectacular.

Inspired? You can buy the googly eyes here.

100th day project ideas

3. Quick and Easy Lists to Make For 100th Day Project

Make a List

If you can’t pull together a project, you could make a list with your child. Sorting by tens will make the job less overwhelming! For example:

  • 10 words that start with a, 10 words that start with b, 10 words that start with c and so on, until you have 100
  • 10 cities you’d like to visit in Canada, America, France and so on, until you have 100 (see the map project below)

Or, come up with lists that have 100 options:

  • 100 words you can spell
  • 100 things you wish you could do
  • What you can do in 100 seconds
  • How you would spend 100 dollars
  • How many ways you can make 100 (90+10, 80+20…)

4. 100 Cities

This project is a great visual to go with the list of 100 cities you’d like to see one day. Inspired? You can buy the flag stickers for the map poster here.

100th day project ideas

5. Got Loose Lego Around the House?

This project is perfect if you are scrambling the night before! Got loose Lego around the house? Gather your pieces in groups of ten and then organize them to build the number 100. Inspired? You can buy the base plates to build this project on here.

100th day project ideas

6. Styrofoam Spiders = Lots of Legs

This project is another favourite. Grouping legs by colour in sets of 20 is another clever way to look at ways to make 100. Buy the styrofoam balls here and the pipe cleaners here.

100th day project ideas

7. Nature Inspired Elements

This project could make use of any nature inspired element, sticks, stones, pinecones, shells or other loose parts collected in your community! Don’t have a glue gun? Buy one here.

100th day project ideas

8. Shiny Jewel Flowers

This project could be anything creative made from 100 dollar store jewels. The feature of this project that is appealing is how the child organized the 100 stones into sets of ten around ten flowers.

100th day project ideas

9. Pom Pom Butterflies

This project is a quick, night before solution, just make sure you have a pack of pom poms on hand! Buy them here.

10. Goldfish Crackers Are More Than Just Snacks

This project is quick and easy too!

11. Painting Rocks of Kindness

This one is not quick or easy, but might be a fun for a crafty family who likes larger projects! Paint 100 rocks together for your garden! Or paint 100 kindness rocks, or paint 100 rocks with 100 names of children in the school. You get the idea!

Looking for more inspiration?

Here are other ideas from around the web I’ve included from by blogger friends.

Here’s a good list of household items that might do the trick for your 100th day project. Check out: Count to 100: Estimation jars by Edventures With Kids. I especially like the idea of popcorn estimation jars and comparing the volume of 100 kernels of popcorn vs 100 kennels popped.

Here are a bunch of good ideas for clothing or dress up projects on the 100th day of school by Danya Banya. Read all about how she transformed an old sundress into a sparkly 100th day party hit: 100 sequins for the 100th day of school.

The 100th day of school happens every year, so check out the projects that come in this year and gather some inspiration for next year!

If you are looking for more inspiration for your family life, come join me on Pinterest!


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