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Thanks for a great day of being together outdoors! I hope you all have new ideas and thinking about how to plan for and enact education outside the classroom! This website houses hundreds of blog posts to support your journey. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to use the search bar at the top of the home page, or scroll to the menu at the bottom of the page to see if a category helps direct you.

Blog posts that were mentioned in our session that may be useful include:

What to wear teaching outdoors

Best outdoor gear for kids

Teaching prep outdoors

Top tips for teaching outdoors

Best books for introducing loose parts play outdoors

The perfect nest inquiry

How to build a tippy tap

Dinosaur gardens

Fairy gardens

Mud kitchens

How to build a Bug hotel

Butterfly garden

How to build a tippy tap

School garden grants available for BC teachers

Best books for introducing loose parts play outdoors

Rainy day play ideas

Best books about rain

Story stones

Shadow puppets

Vocabulary vases

Storytelling in nature

Patterns in nature


Best nature books that support mathematical thinking

water cycle inquiry outdoors

Tomatosphere project

What seeds need to grow

Other resources mentioned that may be helpful include:

Canada’s outdoor learning store


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